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HowtoDJFast.com - Pro DJ Mixing: Quick & Easy

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you…

That list of questions was created from my own personal experience when I started out as a DJ and also from talking with hundreds of new DJs about the problems they face with their DJing.

There are simple practices and systems out there that can get you DJing within a few days or a few weeks, but the DJs, and record labels don’t want you to know about them…

I was dead broke but I really wanted to meet beautiful girls, make a lot of friends and a lot of money, play for big crowds and be known as "the DJ".

I was unable to beatmatch consistently despite learning on YouTube and practicing every day. I felt the money I had spent on gear was a waste and I was close to giving up.

DJ lessons were $100 for a half an hour. I couldn’t afford it so I borrowed the money on my Mom’s credit card… I had to beg her for it because she didn’t want me DJing…I couldn’t afford enough lessons… so I just kept practicing for another 9 months and finally ended up getting beatmatching and mixing.

It took me forever to get my first club gig and then I started playing at raves, then clubs, then big clubs and then eventually went onto playing big shows internationally.

I got to meet a lot of up and co artists that were being trained by some of the record labels and DJ schools in the world. These guys were learning secret techniques that easily got them mixing like a pro within weeks or days.

I discovered that when a record label finds a new producer (the guy that makes the songs in a studio) the record label makes their money by getting that producer to tour as a DJ. DJs get paid a lot for gigs, thousands and thousands of dollars, and the record labels take a percentage of what the DJ / producer gets paid for each gig. So the sooner the record label can get the producer mixing like a pro, the sooner they make a TON of money.

DJ schools know about these techniques but WON’T teach them to you. The longer it takes you to mix, the more lessons you take and the more money the schools make…

So I started researching and doenting these secret methodologies, techniques, and practices. I wanted to see if they were real…

All of these tips, tricks and practices are based on a few important principles… Read them all because I saved the best for last!

I’ve found that there are 6 things that a new Dj MUST understand in order to be able to mix like a pro within a few weeks.

Failure to understand these things will hurt your chances of ever living the DJ life that you desire… no matter how hard you work at "teaching yourself"…

A lot of new DJs like you start to get beatmatching down and then they quickly jump onto advanced mixing techniques. They can’t learn the advanced mixing techniques and they don’t know why…. Here is why:

You need to get the basics of Beatmatching, Cueing, Throwing, Pitch Riding and other fundamental skills down before moving on.

Learning different mixes or effects before you can beatmatch flawlessly every time is like trying to put up the different floors of a new skyscr building before digging out and pouring the foundation. It’s going to be shakey!

It’s the total mastery of these commonly overlooked basic skills that allows the pro DJs you love to effortlessoly put together flawless mix after flawless mix.

Don’t be fooled by pro DJs like James Zabiela that use super complex effects units with scratching on 8 turntables… Your tricks don’t need to be complicated to WOW people.

The thing that all Pro DJs have locked down that DJs don’t is that their levels are TIGHT. The volume (level) of each of their tracks is perfect so the tracks blend together well.

When an is bringing in a new song, he or she will usually misjudge the volume of the song and will bring in the song too loud or too quiet.

If a song is brought in too loud it is overpowering. If a song is brought in too quiet it kills the energy of the mix. The pros have their levels nailed perfectly and here is how they do it:

Before you bring in the next song that you have beatmatched, throw it in to get it playing in your headphones. Once the song is playing listen to both songs at the same time in your headphones by choosing both channels using the headphone "cue" on or dial on your mixer.

Now that you can hear both songs playing in your headphones, turn all of the EQs up on the song you are going to mix in, so it sounds normal. (When you mix a new song it is common to have one or all of the B, Mid or High EQs turned down so the certain parts of the new song, like a melody, won’t clash with the song that is currently playing.)

Put your headphones on both ears and simply switch back and forth between songs using the "cue" dial on your mixer. You can hear the first song and then the new song… then back to the current song that is playing out loud.. then back to the new song.

Doing this and adjusting the "gain" knobs will get you’re levels right and everyone listening will think you are a total pro!

Pitch Riding is one of those skills that really separates the flawless Pro DJs and the intermediate DJs that can mix but make mistakes. Its only the DJs with flawless mixing that get the big gigs.

I figured I would give you this one on video since… Read more…


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