Urinate Now – Cures Shy Bladder In Just 1 Week


Urinate Now - Cures Shy Bladder In Just 1 Week

Finally, a cure has been found to permanently and quickly cure the condition of paruresis (otherwise known as shy bladder).

Typical treatments, such as Gradual Exposure Therapy, Hypnosis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Systematic Desensitization have so far worked only for a small number of people … and may take several years.

But just recently, a breakthrough method that works in less than 7 days has been discovered and is currently curing people across the globe.

Now, because of this groundbreaking method, many "hopeless cases" are now permanently cured.

A few hours in, I realized I needed to relieve my bladder. Not finding any close rest rooms, and nearing emergency, we did what most families would do. We pulled over to the side of the road.

However, when I got out of the car, I couldn’t relieve myself. I couldn’t help thinking about my w family in the car who must be irritated with me for making them stop. I wanted to get this over with and back on the road, but I simply could not go.

I thought about the ping motts watching the situation unfold, and the pressure became too great for me.

Shamefully, I crawled back to the car, my w family aware of the situation, and waited in agony until we arrived somewhere more private.

For many years, Paruresis wreaked havoc on my life. I completely lost the ability to urinate in public. It got so bad, I even had trouble peeing at home, worried that someone I lived with would hear me.

Frustrated and ashamed, and quite frankly, fed up with it, I did what any sane human being would do. I went to my doctor.

The ones that do treat paruresis seriously will often suggest a catheter: a painful device that is jammed up into your urethra.

And I didn’t want to go to therapy! It’s expensive, it takes months, if not years, and really my only problem was that I couldn’t pee.

Besides, most thes have absolutely no understanding of paruresis. They’re well intentioned, but they don’t specialize in this area.

Not finding a solution anywhere among medical "professionals", I decided I would start asking people who have cured their shy bladder just exactly how they did it.

At first, their answers seemed very different. I asked people online, from around the world, and hear many stories of frustration, misery, and eventually, triumph and success.

But the more answers I got, and the more people I asked, it became clear that they were all saying pretty much the same thing.

In other words, you should gradually improve, taking small steps, until you are comfortably peeing in any situation.

This is so important of a rule that entire systems — Exposure Therapy and Systematic Desensitization are the most popular — have been created around it.

The problems with these therapies is that, like CBT, they can be slow and oftentimes, not very permanent…

Amazingly, to cure shy bladder, it’s best to do something every time you need to urinate, which is just as important as unzipping your pants.

There is a special kind of routine that is necessary. The discovery of this routine is the key part of my new research and groundbreaking system to curing shy bladder.

It’s so simple … but when you incorporate it into your life, you’ll find that urination really isn’t a problem.

Once you add this new routine, you’ll be shocked. In less then a week, you’ll be cured. Permanently.

If the mind learns how to urinate under certain conditions, and those conditions have been met, it will always begin to go. No matter how you feel.

For most people, those conditions are: I need to urinate, and a toilet is available. But for us who are "naturally shy", this isn’t enough, and we need to create a new condition ourselves.

Fortunately, from working with hundreds of men and women across the globe, I’ve found the fastest way to do this.

It’s called Cognitive Metacoding, and it takes the best of what we know from several different psychological theories, including CBT and Systematic Desensitization.

I want you to feel the immense satisfaction of having this area of your life handled once and for all.

If you have his area of your life handled, and finally have your shy bladder cured once and for all, you’ll see other areas of your life transform. It’s not magic, it’s just how life works.

The best part about Cognitive Metacoding — the method we’ll use to cure your shy bladder — is that it’s so easy.

Cognitive Metacoding is based around how the brain naturally thinks and operates. Think about it. Why try to fight against your brain when you can work with it?

Once you’ve trained your brain in this specific way you’ll discover in Urinate Now, you can use it whenever, whereever … anytime you need it. In fact, I still use the same techniques you’re about to learn.

I’ve worked with men who were too afraid to pee in their own homes and in a matter of a days were urinating comfortably in crowded public urinals. It’s that powerful.

The secret is that, you stop focusing on the fact that other people are there, and you start focusing on what makes you pee.

Curing shy bladder has never been so easy, so it’s no wonder Urinate Now is quickly beco the most popular treatment available online.

Quite frankly, anyone would be lying to you if they told you there was a way to cure shy bladder in 100% of cases.

So once I perfected a method of curing my own very-persistent shy bladder, it turned out that it also cured the shy bladders of many other people.

I’m so confident you’ll be more than satisfied with having your shy bladder cured once and for all that I’m offering a…

Here’s where I put my money where my mouth is. If for any reason you aren’t totally satisfied with the results of this miracle technique I’ll show… Read more…


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