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By the time you finish reading this, you’ll know how to access a virtually limitless supply of new layout ideas, and techniques…

Are you always looking for new layout ideas? Are you sick and tired of hitting a creative wall? Do you wish your pages would look the way they do in your head? Are you concerned that you’ll NEVER work through that pile of photos?

If these questions resonate with you then you’re not alone. There’s literally millions of scrapbookers like you that are in the same position.

Your scrapping would become your favorite way to unwind. You’d finish a page faster than ever before…giving you more time to CREATE new memories with your loved ones! Wouldn’t that feel GREAT?

Each month our 60 minute cl is emailed to you. All you have to do is click play to watch, and be amazed at how many ideas you’ll have for your layouts!

And, all the training is provided by certified scrapbooking instructors so you get the very best training, ideas and inspiration from the world cl leaders in the scrapbooking industry.

In fact all our trainers are certified by the big name brands like ranger and they design for all the big companies like Art Glitter, Globecraft memories and Xyron!

The thing is, most scrapbookers buy magazines for layout ideas. But it can be tough learning from a few dot points and a couple of pictures!

That’s why our training videos are so popular, because you can see every crop, every glueing of an embellishment, right down to the smallest detail.

In fact, our instructors always explain what they do and why, so you not only understand what you’re doing, but WHY you’re doing it. That way you’re not just copying an idea, but also learning new scrapbooking skills that you can apply on any layout!

We also understand that a local scrapping cl isn’t for everyone. You might not have the time, or you might just prefer to scrap by yourself (we get it, we’re not all extroverts!)

…Besides, if you do go to cl, then you’d know that there is no rewind on! So if you miss something, it’s easy to be left behind. But you can watch the videos inside Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly as many times as you like, over and over and never miss a beat!

The bottom line is, Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly combines all the inspiration of the magazines, with the detailed instruction of a local cl. And the end result is a 60 minute training video sent to you each month that we know will fill your head with plenty of layout ideas!

Now all of this sounds good, but you probably have some doubts about whether my statements about the training inside Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly are really true…..

“I LOVED the training videos….they gave me so many ideas for my pages!….I’m anxious to buy some muslin and get started making the cabbage flowers and using cloth on my pages….thank you! ”

Holy Mackeral!!!! I took notes, I replayed the video, and I cannot wait to experiment. The various results which can be achieved using the illustrated techniques were AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for INSPIRING ME!

“Thank you so much for the videos. I truly LOVE them! Fantastic videos!! Very clear and EXTREMELY helpful… and gave me some FANTASTIC ideas …I will be watching the videos over and over!”

I’ve learned so many EXCITING TECHNIQUES to add to my scrapbook pages. I get EXCITED as I’m watching and can’t wait to get started on a new page! Thank you!

My layouts tend to be very linear and don’t have much texture but this training has given me new IDEAS and INSPIRATION to try NEW TECHNIQUES and incorporate more items into my scrapbooking! . I’m EXCITED about expanding my creative horizons!

Just letting you know I LOVE all the great ideas inside Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly! I don’t want to just use the trial I want to continue with it!! I really don’t want to miss out. Thank you!

This video training GAVE ME SOME GREAT IDEAS to use on my own pages or cards. I make more cards than I do scrapbook pages at the moment but this video made me EXCITED to get those pictures sorted out and start working on pages! …it’s given me ideas and excitement to get moving on my own pages! Thanks!

I want your scrapbooking to be inspired! But more importantly, I want your layouts to be worthy of the precious memories they preserve!

As you can understand, not everyone gets the chance to take our $1 trial. Only those on our newsletter or folks who have been referred to us by our partners.

So because you’ve probably come here based on recommendation from one of our partners, I’d like to invite you to take Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly for a 30 day test drive for just $1.

So just pay $1 today and get access to a w world of layout ideas and inspiration. And as soon as you begin your $1 trial we’ll send you an email with the first 60 minutes of training inside (so you can start watching right away – it doesn’t matter whether it’s 2am or 7pm – you’ll get INSTANT access!).

If you LOVE the training inside month 1 of Scrapbooking Ideas Monthly then after the 30 day trial just pay the $17.97 monthly fee to keep getting new layout ideas.And each month, we’ll email you a 60 minute video packed full of new layout ideas and techniques! 

But if you decide the monthly program isn’t for you, then no big deal. Just cancel at any time. And as my way of saying thanks, I’ll let you keep Sixty Minutes To Stunning Scrapbooks, Timeless Techniques For Beautiful Scrapbooks, How To Create Heartfelt Journaling, and How To Scrapbook Your… Read more…


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