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Attention: Close the door, turn of your cell phone and take a couple of minutes for yourself because what you read on this page will change your life and your body forever

From the desk of Debra Elkin, former fatty liver sufferer and a holistic health consultant (April 2014):

My name is Debra Elkin and I am a mother of two and a grandmother of three. My children and grandchildren are the joy of my life and I am so thankful I can watch them grow.

But a couple of years ago it seemed that my time is up and I would have to say my goodbyes as I was diagnosed with advanced fatty liver followed by inflammation. My liver was so heavily impaired that my doctors predicted imminent cirrhosis or cancer and a need for a liver transplant.

This website is where I share the story about how I got back from the verge of "the other side" and how thousands of people are doing it every year following the principles of the holistic breakthrough protocol known as the Ezra protocol.

This report will give you first-hand insight into the protocol so that you can make an informed decision.

The report is a 15 page doent packed with answers to all the questions you might have. It will give you an overview of the core principles and new-found chemical relationships that are at the core of the healing plan.

(the number of copies is LIMITED because I offer PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS to anybody who gets the report and I can only work with so many people at a time)

Before I tell you anything about my story, Take a moment to read through what other people have experienced with the Ezra protocol and how they used it to regain their lives from the living hell of fatty liver. These testimonials are completely unsolicited and used with the written consent of the people mentioned. It is just a couple of testimonials from over 300 we have in our database. I hope some day you will be able to come back and share how you regained your health with the Ezra protocol.

I was so scared and in panic. I found out about your book and the Ezra protocol on a public forum and I recognized myself in your every word. I got your book 6 months ago and I will let my pictures speak about what happened after…"

I thank God every day I stumbled upon your website while researching about my disease. I can’t even think about what would have happened to me if you have not taught me how to defeat my fatty liver. You gave me back my life. I am eternally grateful."

That is why I have decided to give it all a serious planned try. I got your book and I started using the information right away. And what happened shocked me like nothing before. By Day 3 of the protocol I was a changed woman. I felt energized and light. The prickly rash I had was almost gone in 10 days. I tested my ALT and ASt levels and they were down to normal within 3 weeks."

The man on the picture on the above right if Dr Alfred Pischinger and his work is crucial for what is today known for as the Ezra protocol. The man who I have to thank for my blessed salvation, Mr. Jacob Ezra implemented a lot of the principles Dr. Pischinger’s work into his holistic protocol for fatty liver reversal. Before I found out about Mr. Jacob Ezra and his little practice in Reims specializing solely in liver disease I suffered for years failing with every doctor that tried to help me with my terrible liver condition and the obesity. Later on I will share more about my story…

I suffered for years, trying pretty much anything you can think of. I would get my liver enzymes under control, loose some weight but then this thing would come back with a vengeance. I was desperate. I felt alone and I thought nobody understands. I felt them thinking that my obesity is because of the weak will power and to be honest " I just felt as a fat cow…". I am disgusted of even thinking about that period of time. But now I know…

I met and old friend at the bank and as always, I monopolized the conversation with my liver and obesity problems. Then she said "My sister in law from Reims had the exact same problems and this man, Jacob, helped her. I think she lost something like 35 pounds…"

She continued to tell me that the man’s full name was Jacob Ezra and that he is an alternative medicine pracioner specializing solely in fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. She said that he deals only with liver disorders and has 27 years of experience of working with people with problems that were exactly like mine.

Long story short, Mr. Jacob Ezra was my blessed salvation. I scheduled my first appointment for the first thing next week…

This website is all about spreading the word about the Ezra protocol, by this moment effectively used to reverse fatty liver in tens of thousands of people.

It is a holistic, multidimensional, 5-Step plan for reversing fatty liver and obesity. It utilizes the vast knowledge and experience of Mr. Jacob Ezra and it’s based on 27 years long research, trial and error and proven by healing tens of thousands of people worldwide. Later on, I’ll present undeniable proof and testimonies.

You will see testimonials of many people that used the principles to regain their health, avoid cancer and change their bodies. You’ll also see photos from our annual gatherings and seminars. I hope some time soon, you will join us on the annual conferences. It’s great seeing people that have beat illness and came our stronger than ever.

The Ezra protocol is backed with over 50.000 hours… Read more…

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