Attract A New Car – Dr. Joe Vitale


Attract A New Car - Dr. Joe Vitale

Let Dr. Joe Vitale teach you how to manifest a new car (or anything else)…

"Who else wants to attract a Brand New car, boat, house-or maybe $97,000 in Cash-Using this new secret magic formula like the people below?"

“Give me 4 hours and I’ll show you how to attract a new car – or anything else you can imagine – using my 5-step easy system… I’ve attracted 7 new cars – so far – and now I’m teaching others how to manifest them… Want to be next?” Disclosures – Dr. Joe Vitale, author of way too many books to list here, including the #1 bestseller, The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) from the Inside Out

Invest in my unique system today — which you can listen to or read right where you’re sitting right now — and you’ll also get to read a rare book on how to "command" the universe to give you what you want – a magical little book I bid $1,500 for on eBay and paid over $500 to win – yours FREE!

Good question. Here’s why… First, a new car is something almost everyone wants. And since my mission is to introduce these principles to as many people as possible, teaching people how to attract a new car is the perfect way to do this.

And second, unlike subjective goals like wealth or happiness, a new car is tangible – it is easy to tell if you have manifested one or not. I am so convinced these steps work, I want you to try them out on a goal that leaves no room for doubt.

It’s all revealed in the following incredible true story – including how one woman attracted $97,000!

Last May nearly 1,000 people called from all over the world to listen to an unusual four-part teleseminar series I hosted on How to Attract a New Car.

They got up at 2 AM in Germany and Switzerland. They were on the call at noon in New Zealand and Australia. They called from all over the US and Canada. They made time to hear these four one-hour calls, no matter where they were or what they had to do…

Bill Hibbler attracted a Mercedes, too (as well as a wife, but that’s a different story) . . .

Pat O’Bryan attracted a brand new Scion – after taking a week to process his limiting beliefs and true terror about buying any sort of new car — and he wasn’t even on the calls but only heard about the essence of them through me! (That’s him, below. He described his new wheels as being like “Batman’s golf cart.”)

Guests on the calls explained how they attracted everything from a race-car Dodge Viper to a nifty cool Volkswagen to a new Jeep to a new Mercedes – often when they had no money, no credit, and no logical chance of ever getting into even a used car.

I had already used my system to attract 5 Saturns and my first BMW (a beautiful James Bond-ish Z3 sports car, which I still love).

But I also went through the teleseminar like everyone else and ended up attracting a brand new 2005 BMW 645Ci – a luxury sports car worth $90,000!!!

And on of that, the car was made for me in Germany. That’s right. I ordered the car to be built to my specifications.

You have to remember that I was the guy who was homeless at one point, who lived in virtual poverty for years. Today I’m ordering one of the greatest auto manufacturers in the history of the world to build a car for me – a car worth more than many people’s homes!!!

How can a person get a Bentley – worth a quarter of a million dollars – for only $5,000?

Basically, the answer is in correctly using the 5 step system introduced in my book The Attractor Factor – the very book that knocked Harry Potter off the #1 bestseller spot – twice — in April, 2005.

When you correctly use the 5 steps, and ignore the voice of doubt in your head, you can create miracles.

As I mentioned earlier, last May I hosted a series of four teleseminars to help people fully understand and use my 5 step system to attract a new car. Some listened to learn how to attract other things, like a house or wealth, because the principles are the same. Still, the focus of the calls was on how to attract a new car. Listeners said:

“Only 4 days after the 4th session… my wife & I attracted our Dream Boat into our lives: A 2001 Sea Ray 1900 Sportboat with 4.3L V6 Mercruiser! And the best part about this is: 1) we got 50% use of this boat for FREE (I have a pier and lakefront property on the Lake of Geneva, Switzerland) in exchange for the use of my pier and… 2) we dreamed of this boat for the past 4 years when we vacationed with my sister and her husband in Charlotte, NC and went skiing and wakeboarding in their identical boat ! Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list for future seminars." To your belief and success,

"Thank you for a wonderful teleseminar series! Every call was so inspiring and practical. Tonight’s call was particularly good. In fact, I think it was the best of the series! Wendi’s stories were so thoroughly to the point. The fears that I have had – AND BEEN MANAGING – were dealt with in such a pragmatic and straightforward manner. Thank you for gathering the people you have gathered and for all of the free extras and bonuses! You have done a magnificent job.

“These calls were truly inspiring. They brought "The Attractor Factor" book to life. These principles are not difficult, but listening to the people who have actually achieved their dreams, was priceless! Anyone who has… Read more…


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