Build A


Build A

Jessica Rumbaugh shares her amazing Building Secrets complete with the diet plan that transformed her shape

Build a takes a realistic approach to training and makes sure the you get the best results in the safest and smartest way possible

With the combination of awesome nutrition plus challenging and smart workouts we will get you saying “dayum, I look good!!!”

By using the Short but Intense workouts in Build A you can spend half the time getting way better results!

You’ll be leaner than ever and actually maintain your y curves. People will be dying to know your secret!

Hot s require maintenance. You can’t just set it and forget it! Neglecting your can lead to some of these problems.

Too much sitting can cause the glute muscles to Atrophy (soften and weaken). I understand that you likely have a job that requires you to sit in a chair for many hours at a time. Luckily Build a workouts can be done in 45 minutes or less, but they are powerful enough to stimulate your muscle for the rest of the day! So even though you may still be sitting a lot, Build a workouts will help ensure that it doesn’t show up on your !

It’s not your fault if no one has ever shown you the ropes, but the good news is, with this program you get to take the reigns and teach yourself how to workout and eat the right way to get a hot without spending all day in the gym. I’ve spent months putting together a program that literally teaches you from start to finish what it takes to get a fitness model in just 6 weeks! Now you have ME to teach you the right from the wrong, and I promise I’ll always be here to answer any of your questions.

We know that skinny is no longer the goal, so women these days are eating more in hopes to have a bigger . The problem is with food TYPES. By following the diet guidelines provided with this program you’ll know exactly which types of foods are best for building a high and tight booty rather than a lumpy saggy one. I share with you my exact eating plan so you can get results like mine.

You need a program you can use for LIFE, not just for short term. Build a is designed for busy professionals, for Mom’s, for beginners, knowing that we all have struggles in life and we can’t spend hours at the gym! That’s why I’ve designed the “At Home” Version of every single workout, so in case you can’t make it to the gym, you’ll still be doing workouts that can change the shape of your from home! Plus the nutrition plan included takes the guess work out of eating for your goals and makes it super simple.

These Women have learned to turn their booty into Strong Firm muscle instead of sagging skin and cellulite.

Using this Program will help ensure that you’re actually building Lean Muscle in your and permanently changing the shape

Build a workouts are unique because they select the Correct Exercises in the correct combinations to make sure you’re working your muscles synergistically instead of randomly.

Yes, it’s true that when it comes to building and toning muscles some exercises are superior to others. But you don’t need to know what they are right now, all you need to know is that the Build a program utilizes ALL of the very best and most effective exercises to work your .

The program guide is both a PDF Manual AND a DVD so that you can learn all about the program before you begin. It includes the Warmup and Cooldown recommended before and after each workout.

The Nutrition Guide includes a Grocery List of every food you should be eating while on this program. The 3 day quick start meal plan is complete with macronutrient and calorie counts to help you navigate the best portions for your goals.

In the Phase 1 Manual you’ll have the best workouts for beginners, but there are modifications mentioned on all exercises and complete video tutorial to make sure you’re working out at a level that works for you. I call this the “conditioning phase” because it conditions and prepares you for the next phase of training.

Phase 2 is where the real hard work begins! In this phase you’ll be challenging yourself to lift heavier and harder than before and really seeing the results start to show.

In Phase 3 you’ll be fine tuning your results It’s a customized phase to make sure you get exactly the results you want!

Yes! You can keep using these workouts all year. The best results will come from sticking to the plan and finishing it all the way through, but if you have to skip a week here and there don’t worry, you will still get some results. This program is flexible and will work with you and your needs. We know life is unpredictable, just do the best you can.

No! I understand that not everybody uses the gym to workout. This is why you’ll find 6 workouts that are done with bodyweight only! led “At Home” workouts. But these workouts don’t need to be done at home, you can do them at the gym, at the park, or wherever. I’ve had clients do 100% non-gym workouts and still get amazing results!

Yes! This program is also beginner friendly. Just reduce the amount of reps and/or sets to as much as you can do. As you progress you will increase your fitness level and be able to handle more intensity.

Yes! This program does a great job or… Read more…

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