Caveman Principles – Ripped and Healthy All Year Without Ever Counting Calories


Caveman Principles - Ripped and Healthy All Year Without Ever Counting Calories

Caveman principles is here to help you achieve a leaner, stronger and healthier body by eating and moving like our ancestors did – the way we’re really meant to. Since we all evolved from the same species, this approach will work for virtually everyone.

It’s not a fad diet to get you in shape for the summer, nor another get-shredded-fast/instant-6-pack type of program. It’s not even a book about the paleo diet. It’s more of a lifestyle guide, which will help you avoid the pitfalls of the 21st century that are ruining your health (be it the food, pharmaceutical, or fitness industries, sedentary jobs, etc) and apply the most effective principles of our long gone ancestors that will naturally make you lose fat, gain muscle and improve your immune system.

I call it the Modern Caveman Lifestyle. It’s so effective and effortless, that once you get into it, you’ll never go back to your old ways. You’ll feel and look way too awesome to give it all up.

I’ve been developing and living this lifestyle for 6 years now. I easily maintain a single digit body fat, while constantly improving my strength. Oh yeah, and I don’t even lift (in a traditional sense).

Since I’ve been living this way, my brain got a lot sharper, I can maintain focus and stay productive all day. There are no more fluctuations in my energy levels and my allergies are practically gone.

Caveman Principles is an untraditional book that summarizes all the tips and tricks to fine-tune your own lifestyle. It’s not just about diet – Marian talks about everything there is to know in order to achieve peak fitness. This is how I wish every physician would look at the human body.

It’s well written, very easy to read and if you need to kickstart yourself into a new and better lifestyle, this book is just what you’re looking for.

A practical, efficient, scientifically sound understanding of how to reach our true primal instincts and unlock our physical potential. It’s not a diet, it’s lifestyle. It’s the freedom you get, the feeling when you walk across the street and you feel so focused, energized and full of strength.

I used to worry about eating every 3 hours to get my metabolic rate high, stay in anabolic mode to build muscle, avoid catabolism and get a lot of energy. I got quite the opposite – I was often overfed during the day, which got me sleepy and unfocused.

Now I’ve fixed my broken hormonal system and started gaining more muscle while burning fat. I feel awesome! This was just what I was looking for. Caveman Principles presents a revolutionary approach that will produce a physical transformation, bring you more strength, vitality and longevity.

I’ve been living the Modern Caveman Lifestyle for around 9 months now. I already noticed the first significant changes after the first month – I lost more than 3kg of body fat, my relative strength has improved and my acne was almost completely gone. I quickly incorporated the principles into my own regimen.

The daily fasting brought me two awesome benefits. First, I’m now completely free from having to prepare meals up front and worrying about when and what to eat. Second, the daily celebration in form of feasting after a hard workout is just priceless.

I adapted to the changes pretty fast and it became my new lifestyle that I wouldn’t change for anything else.

Finally a publication for wolves, not for sheep. The Caveman Principles is a great book – it’s an interplay between the latest information about low-carb diets, the Warrior diet, nutritional ketosis and several other schools of thought.

Studying and applying these principles into your own lifestyle is not an option, but rather an obligation these days, as long as you want to improve your performance and health. By reading this book, you’ll gain real-life knowledge that a modern man should know, if he wants to effectively manage his training and diet protocols.

PaedDr. Vlado Zlatoš, PhDr, nutrition expert, author of ŽIVOTOSPRÁVA 1.0, The most complex strategy for optimizing your lifestyle

Since I got my BioSignature certificate and have been studying Poliquin’s principles and how to attain hormonal balance for optimal health and maximal performace, I have also struggled to find a resource/book that was serious amd simple at the same time.

The problem with most nutrition books is that they are overcomplicated, leaving people frustrated, and demotivated. From this point of view, "Caveman principles" is very easy to read, well structured and it’s provided me with great actionable tips on how to simplify and improve my overall approach to a productive day with a bulletproof diet.

I have to admit that thanks to Caveman Principles, I have made a big step towards smart paleo and gained more time to focus on other things than just obsessively plan and prepare 5 fitness meals daily.

I enjoyed this book, and I like the fact that its written by someone who actually represents the results of the lifestyle and knowledge he offers. The book seemed systematic and comprehensive to me.

The knowledge acquired from this book helped me to get in the best shape I have ever had and I feel energetic and productive throughout the days.

The Caveman’s publication was a kickstarter for making my eating habits cleaner and better. Of course, we all know we should eat a lot more vegetables and raw food, but almost nobody will tell you to eat more fat, what’s the difference between good and bad fat and most importantly why is it so and why is it actually good for you.

Caveman principles have, basically, taught me to enjoy awesome meals, upgraded and widened my food repertory, gave me an example of functional, healthy and tasty diet (at the same time) and, finally, revealed my six pack, yay!

I’d been working out for a year and couldn’t lose any fat. After applying the Caveman… Read more…


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