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Learn the League   –  Tour

I believe gamers are smart. I believe gamers want more than simple tips and stats. I believe “strategy guides” are better when they talk about real strategy.

I wrote Learn the League for gamers. With this guide as your companion, you will have more fun playing League of Legends, and you will win more games.

Catch up to your friends or impress them with new skills and knowledge. Practical tips and advice will remove obstacles that prevent you from enjoying the game.

Discover the secrets that the world’s best players are using to stay on. With the tactics and strategies in Learn the League anyone can reach Gold and higher.

Get informed on winning team compositions and accurately predict the outcome of matches. With Learn the League you’ll be just as knowledgeable as ysts.

Learn the League is a paid strategy guide for League of Legends with roughly 400 pages of exclusive content. The guide covers everything from getting started as a brand new player to understanding and using the tactics and strategies seen in international tournaments.

Yes. Learn the League is on the 13th edition and fully updated for Season 4. Along with making sure the guide stays accurate to game patches, each edition also brings new content. Owners can download updates at any time.

Over 100 high quality illustrations are included in Learn the League. Because these were created with the same methods I use for my YouTube movies, they provide a crystal-clear look at advanced subjects.

In some cases I feel movies are helpful additions for explaining and providing examples. Because of this, several movies are provided to help teach important concepts.

Yes! My goal in Learn the League is to bring newer players up to speed quickly, then teach the advanced subjects everyone benefits from. More than 65% of the guide covers advancedics like strategy, tactics, and game theory. Click on the subjects below to see what Learn the League offers:

A guide through your very first steps, from setting up an account and downloading the game to understanding runes, masteries, and the matchmaking system.

This section is filled with practical information, such as strategies for using Riot Points, basic concepts behind champions, developing solid muscle memory and understanding game mechanics, and dealing with “smurf” players and other players who aim to make your League experience worse.

This section is an introduction to each of the primary roles, as well as many secondary roles. As we look at each role, I also recommend several champions and offer my personal thoughts on why they’re unique and enjoyable.

This section covers what is expected from many players in the early levels, including what types of champions are played in which areas of the map, as well as the reasoning for this. Ultimately, Learn the League should bring you to a level where you can make smart decisions regardless of the strict social rules of the meta, but this is a good resource for when you’re getting started out.

While not every player is ready to jump into using quickcasting (or quickcasting with range indicators), this section will give you the knowledge of where and how it’s useful, as well as how to start using it.

This set of short movies covers playing with an unlocked camera, using pings and smart pings, and using shops and item sets effectively.

This section covers the metagame strategy behind ranked matches and draft pick, and also offers an in-depth look at how Matchmaking Rating interacts with Tiers, Divisions, and League Points.

In this section we look at the concepts of map control, game balance, and champion traits to see how they all fit together.

In the Strategy section we look at the anatomy of skirmishes and teamfights and the different roles each champion will play. Beyond this, we will look at teamfight positioning, how to set up powerful ambushes, and how to use objectives to your advantage.

Learn how to set up team plays that force your opponents to make bad choices. By understanding the concepts here you’ll get a broader insight into how the best teams in the world implement their game-winning strategies.

As the name implies, this section offers tips and advice for all stages of the game. This covers decision-making, objectives, lane extension, and virtually every major bit of information about how and why certain plays should be made.

What kind of player are you? How can you use your personality to improve your play? What common traps are you falling for that are holding you back from being a better gamer? How can you better work with your teammates? This section offers a very personal look at how to play smarter and have more fun.

You may know wards are important and map vision is a huge part of winning games, but this section is designed to lay out exactly where and how to make the best use of vision tools. While ideal for support players, this is important knowledge for anyone who wishes to get ahead in the League.

As one of the most unique roles in League of Legends, I’ve dedicated a large section just to jungling and counter-jungling. Alongside this is a subject important to understand for all players — ganking. These subjects are accompanied by three companion movies.

The Summoner’s Rift guidebook goes into detail on how every map-related system functions, from jungle monsters to structures to the fog of war, with an emphasis on cool mechanics you may not know about. You’d be surprised just how much is involved in a Baron Nashor fight!

This listing of champion stats covers functional details (ex.: the order that armor and magic reduction/penetration is applied), as well as the relationships stats have with each other.

This section covers all of the summoner spells in detail, allowing you to make smart decisions on when to use them and when… Read more…


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