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Manifesto Of Strength - Hulse Strength Publishing

The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow once said, “The story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.”

What Maslow understood is that you, me and the majority of people living today could be far healthier, have better relationships, enjoy financial success, be better looking, more popular, powerful and happier than we currently are.

Are these people just luckier? Did they just get a fortunate break in life? Are they “blessed” — and you’re not?

Look, if you’re like most people you’ve had dreams of living an amazing life. You’ve imagined living in a beautiful home in a great neighborhood, having wonderful relationships with people you love, you drive a nice car that tells people you’re successful, you go on exotic and relaxing vacations, and you have a lean, healthy and attractive body that draws the attention of the opposite .

At one time you may have been considered “the cream of the crop”. If you played sports, used to workout, or perhaps back when you were single and without children and a career… it was all smooth sailing!

But the reality (and problem) is… that now you are overworked and underpaid, you hardly ever get a moment to yourself, you may struggle to develop and maintain healthy relationships, you may be out of shape or very overweight, and you may even feel that you don’t get the respect that you deserve for all of your hard efforts.

You work hard, vote, pay your taxes, are faithful to your spouse, feed your kids and may even attend a place of worship on holidays. With all that you do, why can’t you seem to get ahead? Where does all the time go? If you only had a few more hours, a few more dollars, or a ier looking wife (joke), things would start looking up… right?

Most of theses “gurus” would have you believe that all you need to do is think happy thoughts and all of your problems will magically disappear. Some would have you believe that joining their religious community or reading their holy books is all you need to live a happier life. I even met one lady that told me that shes played The Lotto every single week for over 20 years in search of her “lucky break”!

Common sense tells you that just thinking about it will never pay your bills! No matter how many churches you attend, no priest can say a prayer that will instantly dissolve your problems. Besides, how many “spiritual” people do you know that are broke, sick and sad? And if you are waiting for your “winning ticket”, you may end up wasting 20 years like the women I told you about.

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that I more than listening to some know-it-all expert, Dr. Phil-type, sitting up on his high horse, telling me how to live my life!

Sure, I’m always looking for ways to improve my situation. Reading inspirational books, listening to CDs and speaking with mentors and people that I respect… but no one, and I mean NO ONE really understands ME.

If you have ever felt lonely or misunderstood. If you feel like no one understands your situation, let me share an upsetting story about my past…

I know what it feels like to have your hopes and dreams evaporate right before your very eyes as you sit there feeling handcuffed and hopeless.

While in Florida, working at a overbearing and emasculating corporation as a personal trainer, I bought a new home, and then quit my job and started my own (unsuccessful) business, all in the same month! — I was fed up with working for a company that I d and wanted a better future for my family.

The next 3 years were agonizing. Every night I lay bed with my eyes wide opened, staring at the ceiling, worried about money. I had no time for friends, I spent such little time at home that my young daughter felt uncomfortable in my arms and cried for my wife, and my wife and I had put a screeching halt to any intimacy that we ever enjoyed. Our relationship had turned ice cold.

Then one day while at an industry conference in Atlanta Georgia, I was befriended an old jeweler from Wisconsin. He was about 58 years old, with slightly balding hair, he stood at 5’4 tall and spoke with a thick Russian accent. He wore a set of small framed gles that sat at the tip of his nose, and he had a very old and artistically crafted wrist watch firmly wrapped around his left wrist.

My new friend offered to buy me lunch at a small coffee shop, where he and I exchanged a deep and meaningful conversation about the secrets to leading a full, joyful, meaningful and pionate life.

Amongst several deeply important life principles, including how to build a strong character, taking full responsibility for your family, and cultivating a strong faith in God or a higher power… my mentor shared the most powerful life success secret that I’ve ever heard.

After exchanging a few pionate words about building deep and meaning friendships, a cal silence grew between my old friend and I.

He slowly grasped his cup of tea on the sides with both hands, brought the cup to his face and took a long, thoughtful sip… then he set it back down. As soon as the bottom of the cup touched the table, he reached out and put his strong, right hand on of mine and said, “Elliott, listen very closely to what I am about at to tell you… “

In all of my days on Earth, I had never been exposed to the idea that I was in control of my life! According to my wise, old teacher, you and I have the power… Read more…


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