Basic Expat Training Manual The Philippines Experience


Basic Expat Training Manual The Philippines Experience

I’ve got over 50 170 212 pages of first hand expat information. I’m living the Dream. I retired and moved to the Philippines. I’ve learned from my mistakes and you can do that too. Dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete your move to the Philippines Save Money! Don’t waste Money On A Visa You Don’t need. I did and wasted $350

"You may be only going to the other side of the world but you are truly stepping into another world. You had might as well be stepping off a space ship and onto a different planet for life as you know it is about to change."

Your technique in conversing with a potential date in the Philippines is going to need some work. Filipina send mixed signals and if you’re not careful. You’ll hear "I’m not like those other girls. I’m not interested in your money." I never offered anyone money but you have to be on guard for making it appear that’s what you’re offering. Finally though, I have cracked the code on flirting in the Philippines.

"Flirting: It is taken me a while to crack this code. I offended way too many Filipina in the early days. But now, I have cracked the code. Let’s talk about it…" "…You see, Filipina might flirt with you but if they do, you need to show respect first." "….Now had I pounced on this opportunity, I can ure you they would have become immediately allusive, possibly even offended."

Flirting is an art in any land. For me it is a hobby. Once I came to the Philippines, I had to refine my art and approach it in a w new way. It took some time but this eBook will dramatically reduce your learning time and increase your success rate with the wonderful ladies of the Philippines.

The women of the Philippines are loving and they are very pretty. They come in droves. They can also be very cut throat. Hunger can make any of us that way. You can find a girl here. That part is up to you. I want to show you how to get here and make it happen and how to avoid being scammed.

Kevin said: "I just finished reading Rusty Fergusons’ BASIC EXPAT TRAINING. It is a "must read" for anyone contemplating, or making the move, from your home country to here in the Philippines. It covers not only the logistical information such as visa’s, immigration and finance; but also the invaluable insights into the filipino people and their culture. Vital information that can only truly be gleaned from those who have "been there – done that". Buy the book even if you are only having ping thoughts of relocating or wondering "what if". It will be the best $27 that you can spend in helping to decide to if a life in paradise is for you."

Jerry Said: "Just finished reading the book and commend Rusty on a well written book. It covers so many different ideas of living in the philippines. I appreciate all the information given by someone who has boots on the ground in the philippines. Especially all about the culture of the people there and what not to do was very informative for me. I learned from Rusty what to expect once there and what not to expect as well. This book has given me an insight that will come in very handy in my future adventures in the land of paradise. Thanks Rusty."

sjp52 stated: "I finished reading your book. The book was well written, It has a lot of good info in it especially for a newbie. Wish I could have read it before I started co to the Philippines"

Oldutot said: "I just finished reading the book., It gave me tips . It was well written and had respectable thoughts of living in the P.I"

John wrote: "It’s good; it’s really informative, and Rusty keeps the information up to date, the book will be very helpful to a wide variety of people who come to the Philippines to live or even vacation for awhile. I read a lot of Philippine blogs and even learned"

Lance said: "Rusty Ferguson’s Basic Expat Training Manual is a great guide for anyone thinking of moving to the Philippines, it will easily save new expats hundreds of dollars. I have visited the Philippines before and also learned some new things from reading it. It covers preparations to make before your trip (visas, vaccinations, shipping stuff there), culture and the best ways of interacting with Filipinos and Filipinas, scams to watch out for, marriage and divorce, the lower cost of living, and ways of transferring money to the Philippines. Rusty’s ebook even has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied."

Living in the Philippines, I get asked two questions the most. 1. How do I get my paycheck once I’m in the Philippines 2. How much money will I need to live comfortably in the Philippines

The Basic Expat Training Manual covers and answers both of the questions. No hype, not sugar coated. No telling you want you want to hear but the truth. It is true that your income or nest egg will go much further in the Philippines.

The Manual is Delivered in A Zipped File Containing in PDF Format and may be read with FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Money Back If Not Pleased If you are not happy with your purchase. Just delete my book and ask for a refund within 60 days. No Questions Asked.

The manual includes over 100 pages written by me. It also includes about 100 pages of Philippine laws and regulations that are included in the manual. Where possible, I include links back to appropriate websites. It is included so that you can read them when you don’t have an Internet connection. It is all very relevant and important information that you need to know. I also write… Read more…


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