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If you’re reading this you probably suffer from pre (PE). If you take a couple of minutes to read this you can change your life forever. After reading through this site you’ll have all the information and the power to fight this problem. Don’t let this opportunity slip away, a little reading can make the difference between being a pre ejaculator and enjoying a healthy life. Believe us! You’ll be thankful you took our advice, and, most importantly your partner will be thankful too.

According to study findings presented By C. W. Hastings*, the celebrated British the, Pre (PE) can be clified in four different levels (1, 2, 3, and 4), depending on a series of factors such as cause, severity, and how long the patient has been suffering from it. Each one of these levels is intimately related to the cause of the problem.

Very common among agers, this level is characterized by poor masturbation habits during adolescence and preadolescence. Masturbating quickly, out of fear of being caught by someone, defeats the purpose of the ejaculatory reflex, replacing it with the need or the habit of quickly reaching . This Level is the one that is most easily and quickly solved. By following the appropriate treatment the patient can fully recover within a few days

In general, it affects young s and, in some cases, agers. This Level of PE is caused by stress, anxiety, or emotional tension. Work-related or personal problems, including a demanding routine at school, may trigger Level 2 PE without any warning. Similarly to Level 1 PE this can also be easily treated when diagnosed in time.

This Level of PE is mainly caused due to development from an untreated or poorly treated Level 2 PE. Rarely, it also spontaneously affects young s under stress. The cause of this problem is a permanent unbalance between the serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, which excessively increases the impulse that triggers the ejaculatory reflex. This degree of PE must be immediately treated since there is a risk it may progress into a ual disorder*, which is immensely more complex

This is the most severe PE Level, because it turns into a disorder and there are only a few online treatment alternatives that will help solve the problem. This case usually requires the direct help of a professional.

Pre (PE) is a ual dysfunction that takes place when a man ejaculates before he wishes to or too soon to satisfy his partner during intercourse.

According to its Level, PE may be caused by: LEVEL 1: Poor masturbation habits LEVEL 2: Stress or extreme emotional tension LEVEL 3: Chemical imbalance in the brain, as a result of an untreated Level-2 case LEVEL 4: A severe result of an untreated or inappropriately treated Level-3 case

Each and every PE Level, regardless of the cause of the problem, results in the inability to control the ejaculatory reflex, which makes it impossible for a man to sustain his erection until the moment he feels comfortable ejaculating.

The ejaculatory reflex starts in the urethra and consists of a series of involuntary contractions that force the sperm out of the seminal vesicle and out of the . This reflex is controlled by the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle.

You can regain control over the ejaculatory reflex simply and just as easily as with any muscle recovery treatment. A precise exercise schedule must be followed in order to achieve the correct operation of the PC muscle.

Of course, apart from correcting this imbalance, if you can’t recover the normal tone and strength of the PC muscle, you won’t be able to regain control over the reflex. Regardless of the cause of the PE, strengthening the PC muscle is vital in order to regain control over the reflex.

The most modern PE programs are the natural treatments offered online. There are several online centers that offer serious and extremely effective programs, including some dedicated to treating Level 4 PE.

These programs have the ability to avoid the trauma and the anxiety caused by making an appointment with a professional, while also enjoying the benefits of customized diagnosis and scientific treatment. Without a doubt online programs are really the first line of fire against Pre and represent one of the fastest, most modern, and effective therapies for solving this problem.

In this graph you can see how the PC muscle blocks the contractions that produce . This is the mechanism that makes male multiple , also known as "tantric ", possible. With enough practice this technique can be learned and perfected to gain complete control over the PC muscle, giving you the possibility of enjoying the sensations of the without ejaculating or loosing your erection. This graph was provided by Recovery Center and ual Research, respectively

In order to offer a useful and practical tool to our readers we researched the most reputable and serious online centers dedicated to treating Pre . The following online centers that treat PE have been selected due for their level of seriousness and the effectiveness of their programs. We have researched twelve sites dedicated to men’s health, four forums about ual dysfunctions, and have evaluated users from each of these programs to compile the results discussed below.

Exercises are easy to do at any time and place, which allows for quick recovery of the ejaculatory reflex, usually in less time than that indicated in the treatment. It includes videos and explanatory images of the exercises.

The treatment method and the novel breathing techniques guarantee the results of the program, especially for type 3 and 4 cases.

The representatives of Recovery Center agree to answer a questionnaire with ten specific questions about the Step at Once Treatment. (+) complete article

None. Exercises are easy to understand and to do. For a better understanding it comes with images and videos.

The representatives of ual Research have kindly agreed to an online interview where they… Read more…

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