Rotator Cuff-Neck Pain-Shoulder Pain


Rotator Cuff-Neck Pain-Shoulder Pain

Finally, there is a way to stop the debilitating affects of shoulder aches and pain that keep you from doing the activi you enjoy!

When you stand up straight and your posture is good, your body is in balance and you can easily walk pain free.

But when your posture is out of balance, your muscles become stiff until your muscles are so tight, you feel pain!

My name is Dr. Kareem Samhouri. I’m a doctor of physical therapy and the president of Global Fitness, LLC. Over the years, I’ve seen countless people with shoulder injuries who suffer needlessly because they just don’t have the right information they need to heal their shoulder injury properly. Some people have wasted years of their lives suffering without any relief.

Learn about ‘muscle subsution’ and ‘muscle guarding’ and how these play a critical role in your rehab process

Get step-by-step instructions on how to exercise with a specific shoulder injury so you heal properly, preventing further injury

Receive a full and complete shoulder rehab program designed for each of the most common shoulder injuries eliminating any ‘guesswork’ or extra time in rehab

As a physician who has practiced internal medicine, occupational medicine, and medical acupuncture for many years, I have had much experience evaluating and guiding patients through the healing processes involved for chronic back and shoulder pain. I can easily attest that Dr. Kareem Samhouri’s books on these subjects are unusually complete. These guides lay out in easy, clear and thorough language and photos the processes involved to obtain maximum healing of these problems. He has a great depth of knowledge and experience in these areas, and gives important information about when you need to seek emergency medical attention and when you can manage the process following his guides. You will have a full understanding of the diagnosis, concepts of pain management, how to do the correct and specific exercises at home, work, or the gym, what to expect from your doctor, and what to expect in terms of recovery time. It’s like having your own very special physical the/personal trainer with you all day, every day. Read more…


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