DIYBikeRepair® Easy Bicycle Repair Course With 200 Videos and Bike Repair Manuals


DIYBikeRepair® Easy Bicycle Repair Course With 200 Videos and Bike Repair Manuals

Imagine being able to fix,maintain and upgrade your bikes easily and in a shortest time WITHOUT paying for expensive workshop fees?

Now you can.. and you can do it from home, in weeks not years without wasting money, time and effort on pricy repair fees

The truth is, I often see new bicycle owners get confused and frazzled with their bikes. What’s more, many are unsure how to properly maintain and upkeep them, let alone repair their own bikes.

So here’s what I realized: Wouldn’t it be great if there is a complete jam-packed INTENSIVE course that teaches students the basics to advanced techniques of bike repair and maintenance…from home?

See, I have looked at just about every bike repair & maintenance material out there. I don’t like any of them. Sadly, most courses available suffer from the following:

And if you’re just starting out, let me tell you I know how frustrating it is, because I personally had gone through the same experience years ago.

Well, luckily for you, these problems become a blessing in disguise. Over the past 5 years, through a long process of trial, error and experimentation, I have developed the most comprehensive ALL-IN-ONE course that teaches you EVERYTHING you ever need to know about bike repair and maintenance.

The entire program consists of over 200 videos, spanning 10 hours and 150 pages of manuals, systematically teaching you all repair procedures and maintenance tips on EVERY section of a bike. It’s the most jam-packed and intensive bike repair course you’ll ever experience.

1. Over 200+ Videos (10 Hours) of Professional Bike Repair, Maintenence and Upgrading Lessons Learn to take care of your bike with over 200 videos spanning over 10 hours of step-by-step instructions. The first 4 hours covers basic repairs and rest covers maintenence, upgrading steps and little-know tips to empower you to work on your bicycle like a professional!

2. Fun, Engaging, Step By Step and Easy To Follow Video Instructions and Illustrations Each segment breaks down, explains and demostrates the basic repair procedures and an easy-to-grasp step sequence that shows how to do it yourself. It contains hundreds of illustrations and easy to follow instructions. Learn shortcuts with detailed specifications, exploded views, and photographs.

3. Different Teachers – 3 Types of Bikes With 3 teachers covering different types of bikes, you’ll get to experience various teaching styles and level of difficulty. This course covers various bicycles to make this the most complete course on the market:

4. Excellent For Beginners & Advanced Cyclists! The entire course is perfect for beginners or more seasoned bikes looking for a review of technique. The beginning cyclist learn how to perform basic tasks and the experienced cyclist will discoveradvanced repair and upgrading procedures.

5. Innovative Fast-Track Method & Award Winning Production This high-caliber package has earned accolades for Dave’s clear teaching style, his attention to detail, as well as for its exceptional production quality. With the innovative fast-track method of teaching beginners and the supportive, nurturing style, its like a personal trainer guiding you. Skip and choose betweenics and chapters as you like!

6. Includes A Great 150 Page Illustrated Repair Manual Over 150+ pages of fully illustrated instructions, detailed colored photos, notes and tips. Learn the maintenance needs of different bikes, shows how the parts of a bike fit together, and tells you how best to use your tools to perform basic tasks such as cleaning and lubricating.

7. Instant Access To Videos You’ll get INSTANT lifetime access to all the videos in our members area with one-on-one video chat/email support with Dave. Why waste time waiting for the mail to arrive when you can get started within minutes! You also have the option to get all the videos on DVDs if you desire.

"DIYBikeRepair is really all anybody needs. If you need much more than this then you are repairing junk which should be replaced!

This allowed me, in the space of just a few hours, to go from knowing nothing about derailleurs to completely removing, reinstalling, and perfectly adjusting the gear system on an old bike.."

General Repair & maintenance Cleaning, Lubricating and Troubleshooting Gear System Overview Service and Replace Cables, Cettes Service and Replace Chainsets Adjust Indexing & Gear Ratios How to Adjust a Bikes Headset How to Adjust a Bikes Hub How to Adjust a Bottom Bracket How to Change a Bicycle Chain How to Change a Bicycle Tire How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars How to Change a Flat Bike Tire How to Check a Bikes Hanger Alignmen tHow to Fix a Bicycle Spoke How to Choose Fenders for Your Bike How to Cut a Bikes Cable Housing How to Determine the Correct Saddle Height for Your Bike How to Fix a Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off How to Fix a Rusty Bicycle Chain How to Fix a Slipped Bicycle Chain How to Install a Threadless Stem for Your Bike How to Install Bar Ends for Your Bike How to Prevent Rust in Your Bike Frame How to Replace a Bikes Brake Pads How to Replace a Bikes Chain Rings How to Replace Bike Grips How to Replace Bike Handlebars How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike How to Adjust Bicycle Handlebars How to Adjust the Brakes on Your Bicycle How to Convert a Bike to Fixed Gear How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle How to Install a Quill Stem for Your Bike How to Pedal the Correct Revolutions Per Minute How to Set Up Your Road Bike for Racing How to Tighten or Loosen Bicycle Brakes

Change the Stock Tires on a Bike Change Your Bicycle Seat Angle Deflate a Bicycle Tire Find Your Seat Height Install a Bicycle Tire Install Bicycle Handlebars Install Bicycle Pedals Install Break Levers on a Bicycle Handlebar Install the Shifter Lever on Bicycle Handlebars Pick Bicycle Handlebars Remove a Bicycle Seat Remove a Flat Tire from a Bicycle Wheel Remove… Read more…


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