Jesus: The Man and His Work by Wallace D. Wattles


Jesus: The Man and His Work by Wallace D. Wattles

"It is doubtful if any man was ever more misunderstood by the people of his own time than Jesus of Nazareth. Certainly no man was ever more grossly misrepresented by succeeding generations, and especially by those who professed to be his friends and followers." Wallace D. Wattles In "Jesus: The Man and His Work"

On November 11, 1905, Wallace D. Wattles, who went on to write some of the most powerful, life changing books ever written, including his clic masterpiece, "The Science of Getting Rich", addressed an audience gathered at the Auditorium in Cincinnati, Ohio to hear him lecture.

In that short, but very powerful lecture, Wallace D. Wattles shattered orthodox misconceptions, misunderstandings, and outright misrepresentations of the character and teachings of Jesus and shared his vision of the real Christ and His true call.

The lecture made such a favorable impression on certain listeners that they wanted to have it printed if Wallace D. Wattles provided the mcript.

Like many privately printed publications of this type, it had a very limited distribution and like many of them from its day, its few copies quickly disappeared over time never to be seen again…

I’ve been a very serious student of the works of Wallace D. Wattles for several years now. Although he wrote several other books, Wallace D. Wattles is best known for his clic masterpiece, "The Science of Getting Rich", which has shown generations of readers the way to riches.

During my extensive research into Wallace D. Wattles’ writings, I discovered that he gave this lecture and that his mcript was privately printed as a book – one that is very rare and practically unknown.

Recently, after several years of searching for it, I finally found a copy of this very rare, practically unknown book written by Wallace D. Wattles that reveals the shocking truth about Jesus of Nazareth and His real message to us all!

This book has had an absolutely profound effect on my life, as I know it will yours, and I take great pride and pleasure in sharing it with you…

I’ve formatted this rare treasure by Wallace D. Wattles into an easy to download, easy to use ebook.

Although formatted for easier viewing as an ebook, the Jesus: The Man and His Work ebook contains the entire, unedited text of Wallace D. Wattles’ original mcript.

Nothing has been left out. No words have been added or eliminated. None of the wording has been changed. Words that appeared in all capital letters or Italics in the original mcript, appear the same way in this ebook. You’ll be reading this mcript exactly as it was originally published and…

The Jesus: The Man and His Work ebook contains the truth about Jesus and His teachings YOU’VE been looking for!

Here are just a few of the many important things you’ll learn in "Jesus: The Man and His Work":

"The Spirit of Christ is not dead, but it no more resides in the modern church than it did in the church of His day." Preface To "Jesus: The Man and His Work"

Now, that’s just a small taste of what you’ll learn in Jesus: The Man and His Work…

"Jesus said of himself, ‘If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.’ Well, he has not drawn all men, not even a majority of men, and I am inclined to think that he has never been lifted up. An unreal, imaginary character is being lifted up instead, and men are not being drawn by it." Wallace D. Wattles In "Jesus: The Man and His Work"

"… I want to prove to you this afternoon that the church, everywhere, is holding up a false Christ; I want to show him to you as he was and is, the Supreme Man – the Highest Type, the incarnation and revelation of that one great life which is above all and through all and in us all, lifting us all toward unity with one another and with him." Wallace D. Wattles In "Jesus: The Man and his Work"

The Jesus: The Man and His Work ebook contains the entire, unedited text of the original mcript of Wallace D. Wattles’ powerful lecture.

All in all, you’ll get 49 pages of hard-hitting, no-nonsense, no holds barred information – the truth about Jesus and His teachings – as only Wallace D. Wattles could deliver it!

Wallace D. Wattles delivered this lecture over ninety years ago, but its message couldn’t be more timely. It’s just as relevant today as it was then – if not even more so!

"In these days of idol smashing and rapid readjustment of ideals this lecture is most timely." Preface To "Jesus: The Man and his Work"

Although much has changed since 1905, in the direction of Wallace D. Wattles’ glorious vision of the true meaning of Christianity, much remains to be done.

This "long-lost" book by Wallace D. Wattles is extremely rare. So rare, in fact, that virtually no one on the planet even knows it exists!

It took me several years of digging and researching high-and-low to finally uncover a copy of this rare and timeless mcript.

I don’t remember exactly where or how I found out about this book. But when I did, I knew I had to find it. And it didn’t matter to me what it cost!

Not only did it take me several years to find a copy of this little gem, but it cost me several hundred dollars to obtain it!

So you’ll be shocked when you realize you can have this book in ebook format for only $19 $3 for a limited time only.

The first one is really quite simple. Since you’re purchasing this ebook directly over the Internet, I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don’t need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone. Therefore, I can p along my cost savings on to you. So you and I both win… Read more…


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