Project Vertical Jump Training System


Project Vertical Jump Training System

Learn from Me, Tyler Ray, A Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and an EXPERT Jump Training Specialist! Find out How I was able to Convert My Average Vertical into an AMAZING 49″ Vertical Leap in Only 90 Days!

NO.  I worked for years using different methods of training that never seemed to work.  I used the highest level National Track and Field Strength Programs as well as Countless Jump Training Programs with Little to NO Success.I felt as though NOTHING would work….Would I ever Jump as High As I Dreamed Possible?

Through the Use of Training Principles Proven to be Effective Through Years of Testing, I will Show you How to Morph Your Body into an Absolute Jumping Machine!

From the Minute I was Born it was Evident that being Grounded was NOT an option.  I have always had a love for jumping, but I was born Into a family of Irish-Canadian Hockey Players.  Let’s just say the genetics just weren’t there!  I began to notice at a VERY young age that Hockey was not my sport and I enjoyed the Fast Pace of sports like Basketball and Track and Field Much More.  I began to attend try-outs and practices and Soon found out that despite my upbringing and genetics, I was DESTINED to play these sports.

From the moment I first watched Michael Jordan Do a Cradle Dunk in a game, I fell in Love with Jumping and Dunking.  Just the idea that I too could effectively “fly” for even just a short period of time was intoxicating!  I knew it, I just had to learn to jump.

Jump after Jump after Jump I tried, and despite the fact that I stood out from the crowd I was still not satisfied with my results.

I wanted to be the person that walked into a gym and turned Heads from the first moment I took off, until I left the gym sweaty and glowing with confidence!

I was sick of settling for average, and I HAD to find something to set me apart from the crowd.  Jumping was my life, and I thought what better way to Take the Jumping World by storm then to use my education as a Kinesiologist and my over 10-years as a strength and conditioning coach to Create…

It took me much trial and error to come up with a System That I felt Deserved to be used not only by me, but by EVERYONE who was looking for the Compeive Advantage.  A System that MADE SURE These things I had done wrong for so long, would NOT Be Repeated!

A Jump System That is Proven and Guaranteed to Increase Your Vertical Right From the Very First Phase of Training!

Unbelievable Workout Results that Not Only Effect Your Jumping, but Overall Athletic Ability almost INSTANTLY!

“Well first off Project Vertical has done wonders for my stamina and cardio.I feel lighter on my feet and more energy on and off the court. It has helped me take my basketball game to a W DIFFERENT LEVEL! My vertical has increased dramatically and I feel bigger faster stronger than I have ever felt before in my life.. and I’m only done with phase 1 of 3!This program really works if you put in the hard work and dedication you will get the results you seek.

“I have a pion for jumping and dunking and love to train. I am now in 10th grade and i landed my first dunk yesterday!

I have tried many of the “jump programs” out there like Air Alert and the Jump Manual and they did very little to boost my vertical.

This summer, through some independent training, i got my vertical up to 35 inches. Unfortunately though, at 5’8, that is not enough to dunk the ball. I kept training until i plateaued at about 36” and i got very frustrated with my training. Then, basketball season came around and i painfully watched as my vertical drop 3 inches from all the running and over usage of my legs. When the season ended, i desperately wanted my vertical back and i stumbled across Project Vertical Jump Training System. I was obviously skeptical at first, but i decided to go for it. I am currently beginning week 3 of the first phase and my vertical skyrocketed from around 33 inches to 38 inches. The jump training system has also put me in amazing shape and i feel more explosive than ever!”

What about a Jump SYSTEM That can that not only creates higher verticals from scratch, but REHABILITATES injuries to bring BACK verticals from the bench!

It can even transform high level athletes and jumpers!!  Check out Project Vertical Dunk Team.  All Project Vertical Jump System Users!

“Project Vertical took my athletic career to the next level. I went from being the worst jumper on the track team to beco an All-American and receiving a Division 1 scholarship to compete in the high jump at Clemson University!”

“After working through Project Vertical Jump Training System I accomplished something I never thought was possible!  I started this process over 230lbs and almost 30% body fat and having come off of two knee surgeries.  At 16 years old, and a basketball fanatic you have no idea how disheartening it is to see your dreams fall apart.  I could barely run comfortably, let alone dunk a basketball.  I started Project Vertical Jump Training with the simple goal in mind to improve my hops, I NEVER thought it would change me as an athlete.  I put 12″ on my vertical, and am currently 185lbs and 15% body fat!!!  Project Vertical Jump Training System has given me a second chance and I have finally dunked a basketball!!” Thank you Tyler!”

“I would say I owe EVERYTHING to Project Vertical Jump System, but really I was the one who did this!  This Jump System gave me the tools… Read more…


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