aff – Awaken The Abs Within


aff - Awaken The Abs Within

You’re about to experience the MOST EFFECTIVE, 15 minute BODYWEIGHT workouts EVER! The BRAND NEW 7 digital DVD, LIVE LEAN 15 Bodyweight workout system is now ready for you to own. In the comfort of your own home, you’ll be training right along side me.

Nutrition? Yes! Over 200 recipes & 8 Week Meal Plan & Grocery Lists. Full Body Workouts? Yes! 12 Week Belly Fat Blasting Afterburn workouts. Abs? Yes! Ab sculpting digital DVD program. HIIT Cardio? Yes! 18 week sprint program!

Get access to my most effective abdominal training workouts in this 4 Digital DVD set workout program. Also includes a manual containing all my ab training secrets and a 1 day sample fat blasting meal and supplement plan.

Join the new & improved Team Live Lean membership site & get a brand new 4 week FAT BLASTING workout program every month, weekly exclusive step-by-step cooking videos, PLUS access to my personal workout logs, and SO MUCH MORE!

Your complete SUPERCHARGED SOLUTION to Live Lean as fast as humanly possible…at a SUPERCHARGED DISCOUNT! This includes my best selling Live Lean programs such as Afterburn, Sprint, MASS, over 200 recipes, Awaken The Abs Within, & so much more!

INCINERATE 3x MORE fat 3x FASTER with Live Lean Sprint! This progressive sprinting program includes 3 phases, starting with beginner and moving up to advanced sprinting workouts. Designed for EVERYONE regardless of your fitness level! Also includes a DIET PLAN & Exclusive VIDEO of me at the TRACK!

You can BUILD MUSCLE without adding the typical bulky FAT. By following the unique style workouts and diet plan found in LIVE LEAN MASS, you’ll be building lean and aesthetic muscle without worry of adding the blubber!

It’s so SIMPLE to LIVE LEAN when you have access to over 200 Quick, Healthy, Easy, Affordable, & Delicious Recipes designed to turn ON your FAT BURNING switch so you can BURN FAT EVER FASTER.

This program is loaded with all my nutrition secrets to live lean as well as  beginner, intermediate, and advanced fat burning and muscle building workouts. Also includes my ab workouts.

This workout program is the style of workouts that I follow to live lean and keep my body in fat burning mode 24/7/365. It’s designed to ignite and maximize the afterburn effect so you’ll be burning MORE CALORIES up to 48 hours after your workout (even while you sleep)!

This at home, no equipment, Digital DVD workout program is comprised of 9 workout videos including the “Main Event”, professionally produced 32 minute workout. It also includes fat burning at home workouts that can be done in as little as 5 and even 4 minutes!

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home as you watch my SOLD OUT “7 Nutrition Laws To Live Lean” seminar live from Toronto. Attendees at this live seminar paid over $400 to attend this conference and many paid in the thousands of dollars with travel expenses included.

WARNING: This workout is designed to bust through any of your current fat loss or muscle building plateaus. It’s not intended to be done everyday (once every 4 weeks is recommended). Includes a beginner 303 rep workout, a female 303 rep workout, and a spartan male version. It’s all based on time. So get ready to move!

Never miss your nutrition goals again. Build the perfect muscle & fat building meals every time with this meal planning software! Read more…


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